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Why do artistes give importance to Krithis in Telugu, Sanskrit, Kannada and not Tamil while in Tamil Nadu We want to listen to Tamil Krithis as main part of the concert?

That’s not so. Tamil is being sung most of the time here and again also in places outside of Tamil Nadu

Why are artistes of this generation not forming their own ``bhaani`` like M.S, MLV, GNB, Madurai Main Iyer etc?

Artistes today follow the bhanis of their predecessors but do not relegate themselves to one particular genre. There is a medley, with excerpts from the best across, which actually gives a renewed flavour and appeal to the concert….as it has the essence of all the greats and their ‘bhanis’. Probably such medleys coupled with the innovations of each artist could evolve as another ‘bhani’!

We have learnt about your ``Samudhaaya Foundation``. Is there any specific incident or any particular reason which motivated you to start such an organization?

The feeling that I am so loved and accepted by all and my music has reached untouched and unknown realms, healed, created changes in lives and touched many souls…this gave me a feeling that I must give back something to society and thus was born Samudhaaya..a passionate venture by me and my husband, which today has grown to a surprising and proud stature, supported by many well wishers and doing notable work in the many areas.

How was the support from your husband and family after marriage to pursue your career in music?

Well, I got married into a family where music was not a key driver as it was in my mother’s place. But the understanding, support and encouragement that I received and continue to receive, has never made me miss my home and this is what allows me to continue my musical journey.

Have you performed any fusion concerts? Could you please share those works with us? When will you perform one in Chennai?

Yes, I have. The Stimmen Festival of Global Voices (Germany) which has exceptional singers coming from different parts of the world to join and create a unique vocal experience. Common ingredients like time, musical ideas, curiosity and desire to walk off beaten tracks have guided the Global Vocal Meeting into an open musical space and an exciting experience of vocal sounds for artists, participants, and performers. Artistically this project reaches a point where world music becomes real, respecting the differences of various cultural backgrounds as part of a creating process.

The Le Rhythm de la Parole, France where The Rhythm of Speech is infused with the cultural traditions of each of the ten musicians who collaborated in bringing together languages with parallel vocal and rhythmic patterns, which might either clash or harmonize.

In India, I have done a fusion with Amit Heri for the Indian English movie Morning Raagas, starring Shabana Azmi . Here two well known compostions ‘Maathe’ and ‘Thaaye Yashodha’ were sung along with complete Western ensemble and became a pathbreaker in terms of immediate appeal and acceptance.

Have you sung Jathis for Bhartanatyam concerts?

Yes, not always. I did one for Alarmel Valli though.

Who comes first in your success – rasikas or the media? How would you rate them?

Both….both have been very important for my growth and in my musical journey.

What's your resolution for 2009?

A little too early….will think of it as it gets closer..

Which will you take more time before a concert – choosing saris or krithis?

Both….because both need to appeal in their own ways.

If you have any doubts in your subject now, whom do you check with?

I have now come to a stage where, while I do once in a way check with my seniors in profession, I also refer and read extensively on the treasure of knowledge our predecessors have left behind.

What is your favorite raga?

It’s like asking who is your favorite child? Depending on various moods, each raga becomes important and enjoyable, both to listen as well as to sing!!

Have you been awarded a doctorate?

Yes, not from India but from Sri Lanka…by the International University of Martial Arts.

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