Organ Donor List

No Donor Location Comments DOR
92 Sruthi Mylapore Need of the hour. Have been waiting to do it for about 5 years now !!
91 V.vijayavalli Thiruvarur Waiting for this chance 9 – Jul – 15
90 Akhila Kvss Vijayawada a wonderful way to live with purpose even after death is organ donation.
89 Dr. S Urmila Chennai Organ donation is the richest legacy which a person can leave on earth 5 – Apr – 15
88 shanmuga sundaram p.d. Chennai Would like to donate eyes that I have 27- Jan – 15
87 Mahalakshmi Vijayakumar Salem I am not offering anything when i am alive,but still i think i am blessed to think of donating something after my life. I am happy. 22 – Jan – 15
86 SundarRaman It is great thing in life . 10- Mar – 14
85 Chockalingam M, Secretary INDIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY, TIRUNELVELI DIST Palayamkottoai Simply Great. 26 – zoct- 13
84 Kiran Subramanian New Delhi Simply Great. 7 – Aug – 13
83 Shobana Sujitkumar CA Hope i am fortunate enough to help after death as well.Very happy to sign in through SAMUDHAAYA,Sudha maam is as noble & selfless as Smt MS Subbalakshmi 6 – Aug – 13
82 SHANKARAN Cuddalore it is a must we can feel happy that we are able to help others even after our death 6 – Aug – 13
81 Venkatesh Chennai whloeheartedly welcome it 6 – Aug – 13
80 Chitra Ravindran Pondicherry Waiting for this chance to donate. 6 – Aug – 13
79 Revanth Voothaluru Hyderabad Was waiting for long to do this. I am happy I got the chance finally. This is something everyone should do! An extremely noble act! 6 – Aug – 13
78 C.Gokula krishnan Dindigul giving life to the world just like a mother and we also live in this world after only soul reached the heaven we are still alive in this world giving happiness and getting blessing from others 22- Jun-13
77 Gayathri Vinothkumar Coimbatore organ donation gives new life to a person and our organs even after death 15- Apr -13
76 Thirumoorthy Chennai Love to do that. Atleast these organs will help after we death also. 29-Nov-12
75 M.Mohanraj Pondichery 16-NoV-12
74 Geethapriyan.K Chennai
73 G. Suryanarayanan Dubai, UAE Why not be of use even after you pass away!What can you do better after you have done your time?! 8-sep-12
72 Sowndarya bala Bangalore
71 Sudha eswaran Chennai Organ donation is relatively a new trend emerging in our country compsred to developed countries like the USA, Spain, etc where organ donation is a voluntary act and there are large number of donors. Here there is a need to increase awreness and in encouraging people to contribute towards this noble step. 16-Aug-12
70 Sowmya Srinivasan Trichy donating blood 16-Aug-12
69 Kannan R S Mumbai noble service if whole heartedly acceptable to family members. 16-Aug-12
68 LALITHA RAJAGOPAL Chennai Organ donation is a blessing and I think one should be really feel twice blessed to be able to donate an organ. 16-Aug-12
67 Deepika Ravikumar Chennai 9-Aug-12
66 Uma Prem Belapur Best way to ensure our service to humankind after our visit on the planet earth is over !! 3-Aug-12
64 Seetha Sivagurunathan Nagercoil. 14-Jun-12
63 P.C. Rangaswamy 6-Mar-12
62 S.Gowri Shankar Chennai 2-Mar-12
61 Sridhar Chennai I wish to donate my body after my death. please contact me to complete all paper work formalities and others. thanks 14-Feb-12
60 Mrs.T.R.Babu Chennai Whole heartedly I wish to donate my organs after my life 30-Jan-12
59 Janani Chennai Its really an amaizing work done by all u guys….. i like to donate mine also pls suggest the method that i should do…… i read in news paper that if all people those whose died donate their eyes continously for 10 days then in india all will have vision……. its really a good work… i would like to join in ur service… pls guide me… 27-Jan-12
58 R. Tamil Amudham Coimbatore I Would like to register for Organ Donation. 27-Jan-12
57 Chandrasekaran Trichy I myself and my wife are willing to donate, the entire body on demise. Just viewing your interview on Vijay T.V.\”coffee with Anu\”. A good donation for humanity. 25-Jan-12
56 G.Ramanarayanan Chennai Like to donate, it is noble cause to socity. Today morning saw your interview in coffee with Anu, inspering one. 26-Jan-12
55 Parimaname Renganathan France Iam Renganathan.My femillys your fans.Happy new year 2012. by 28-Dec-11
54 Geetanjali HYDERABAD 28-Dec-11
53 Srividya Raman Chennai Honor to be able to help even after death. 13-Dec-11
52 K. Sivanarayanan Chennai Greatest form of Human service, noblest of deeds, even though we are gone 13-Nov-11
51 Raghuram.M Virudhu Nagar 11-Aug-11
50 Neelam Satyanarayanan Hyderabad 10-Aug-11
49 Mallika Ravishankar Malaysia 10-Aug-11
48 Dhayalan Madurai. Ref: Mr.Raghuraman, Addl. Director, TANSAC. We shouldnt allow us to decay ourselves after death. 24-Oct-11
47 Pushya Srinivasan Chennai The ultimate surrender to the Lord 21-Aug-11
46 Chandra Vijayakumar Chennai The thought itself is great .Donating organ means giving LIFE to another person. 6-Sep-11
45 Gomathi Narayan Chennai 12-Jul-11
44 S.Umashankar Chennai Glad to be part of this noble cause… 12-Jul-11
43 S.Sambamurthy Chennai Glad to have done my contribution to increase the supply chain! 4-Jul-11
42 R.Sairam Chennai I am happy to be part of this wonderful initiative. 4-Jul-11
41 Ritu Mathur Chennai Giving life to somebody even when Idont exist….how noble!! 4-Jul-11
40 Sathish Kumar.K Chennai I lost my lovely mother before 6 years of renal failure, and I clearly aware of the importance of organ donation. Ready to serve in any form or medium to spread the awareness of organ donation. But, before I become one. 3-Jul-11
39 K.Srividhya Chennai Happy to be part of this initiative. 2-Jul-11
38 S.Rama Chennai By this noble cause I become immortal…!! 2-Jul-11
37 K.S.Venkateshwaran Trichy 29-Jun-11
36 Samatha Gattupalli Nellore Living one life and let live others a happy fulfilled life in turn 9-Jun-11
35 manikandan Banagalore 26-May-11
34 divakar v Guntur AP
33 Srinivasan CA Worthy cause to save a life. My closest relative donated her eyes upon her death. My father-in-law & the Legendary Carnatic Musician, composer and author Prof. Mysore V. Ramarathnam, donated the pacemaker when he passed away at the age of 92… 28-Feb-11
32 Karthikeyan Madurai Organ Donors are also called as Mother. Giving rebirth to Physically Challenged people. 23-Feb-11
31 Parameswaran K S Bangalore 15-Feb-11
30 Radhakrishnan pk Kerala great 5-Jan-11
29 S.Ramesh Chennai 22-Dec-10
28 Vani sivanathan U.K
26 Sathish Ganesan Chennai I my pleasure to do. One thing, I can left to the world is, which stands years for ever.
25 Anandhi Srinivasan Chennai I am waiting to donate my eyes hoping that it would light up 2 lives at the end of mine
24 gunaroopam Adambakkam i am blessed to do so if i get that oppurtunity
23 Senthilkumar Karur
22 Sundar Ram Chennai I am a BIG supporter and volunteer of organ and BODY donation kudos to u and ur FOUNDATION keep going
21 N R RAVISANKARAN Chennai The awarness on Organ Donation is not enough,as such Madam I request you to say few words about organ donation before or in between your proramme.
20 Jyothy Ramachandran Maharashtra i am only too happy to register. how will the organs reach the concerned recipient after my demise? where will i be? who will be there? still…. here is my promise jram
19 K.Kumar Chennai i am only too happy to register. how will the organs reach the concerned recipient after my demise? where will i be? who will be there? still…. here is my promise jram
18 Delhi Gopal New Delhi Fully endorse your views on organ donation.
17 Krishnan Balaa DHARAPURAM I want to see the world after my death. Donating Organ: my eyes
16 N.Srivatsa NOIDA (U.P.) To be useful to humanity unto eternity
15 Nancy Patricia Ditto
14 Vidya Reddy Chennai
13 Aravind Govindan Chennai eyes, heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas, intestine, and thymus
12 Ramya Murali Ditto
11 Rangamani Ditto
10 Sreekanth Valathur Ditto
9 Jayanthi Sreekanth Chennai
8 Kinnera Krishna Chennai
7 Akshara Dinesh Chennai
6 Usha Dinesh Chennai
5 Meera Muralirangan Dr. Ditto
4 Muralirangan Dr. Ditto
3 Malavika Ragunathan Ditto
2 Ragunathan MC Ditto
1 Sudha Ragunathan Chennai