About Sudhaarnava

Sudhaarnava – Academy for Musical Excellence was launched on the auspicious day of the Tamil New Year in 2017. I place this venture at the feet of the Almighty, my mother Choodamani amma and my guru MLV amma for their blessings.

As a blessed inheritor of a tall legacy, it has been my long-standing dream to do justice to the school I hail from, in terms of passing on the baton. I have been pondering for some time in conceptualizing a path for the gurukulam, dwelling upon the nuances that goes into making worthy disciples of a worthy guru. It is hard work and dedication that comes foremost. The commitment levels have to be at an all-time high and the accountability of carrying on this honored legacy should continuously reverberate in all the crevices of the heart. I have experienced this feeling every single day of my 13-year tutelage with my revered guru Padma Bhushan awardee, Sangita Kalanidhi Dr. M L Vasanthakumari amma, and hence I can proudly boast of a strong foundation.

Sudhaarnava has conducted workshops, lecture demonstrations and master classes at important venues across the world. Building upon its current span, I have brought in a few more new dimensions into Sudhaarnava such as Shiksha and Aakriti. For enrolment and purchase of learning material, please register in My Learning World to explore these segments.


Shiksha is the online teaching forum. With its maiden venture during Navratri 2018, Shiksha tingles the learning senses with easy to learn kritis taught by me and my senior students. This series is being made available through registrations in the My Learning World page Do join in for a wonderful and worthwhile learning experience and be a part of a grand legacy.


Aakriti has been conceptualized to present quality music by the younger generation of talented musicians. Music is indeed an ocean and listening and absorbing from different schools, styles of different gurus and experiencing the same composition with different nuances is always an enriching experience. Aakriti looks at just giving you that and features in My Learning World.

Welcome to the world of differential learning….!
Forever yours in music
Padmabhushan awardee, Sangita Kalanidhi
Dr. Sudha Ragunathan