Sudha’s Guru Padma Bhushan Dr. M. L. Vasanthakumari is very much in the helm of affairs in Sudha’s musical life yesterday, today and everyday. She believes strongly that her Guru continues to be with her in soul and spirit, overlooking, guiding and blessing and it’s with humility that Sudha dedicates all her awards and accolades received thus far, at the feet of her beloved Guru.

It was by the grace of the Almighty that Sudha came under the tutelage of Dr. MLV and she can never stop the spontaneity in expressions when she speaks of her Guru in her concerts or in any of her interactions with her rasikas, the media, with peers in profession, or simply to her family at home. The gratitude gushes out and the wealth of learning that she has inherited, which is now manifesting in carving a separate identity for herself, is always a treasure that she will cherish, a blessing that is so close to her heart.”

“Music knows no you and me. It belongs to everyone who sings.” Call it her ultimate tribute to her Guru, over the years, Sudha has been actively involved in teaching the nuances of the classical notes to the generation next. Sudha also plans to start her own ‘Sangeetha Gurukulam’ to provide vocal music training to continue the rich musical heritage that her Guru always believed in.

Guru Dr. MLV, again, had inherited a vast knowledge and treasure trove from her Guru the great GNB, whose birth centenary celebrations commenced on 6th January 2009 and culminated on 6th January 2010. It was Sudha’s privilege and honor to have lit the kuthuvilakku to commence the centenary celebrations of her Grand Guru.

“Music knows no you and me, It belongs to everyone who sings.” Call it her ultimate tribute to her Guru, over the Years, Sudha has been actively involved in teaching the nuances of the classical notes to the generation next.

“The ladder of success we climb is not leaning against a building – it is being held up by every person who ever loved us or taught us.” Laura Teresa Marquez

Her very presence in this earth, her gift of music, the blessings of Gurukulam and Guru Bhiksha are all what has made Sudha who she is today and she bows her head and folds her palms in prayer and humility…. that she continues to be blessed and have the graces of the Almighty and her Gurus and that she also continues this mission of spreading music across the world. Shri Gurobhyo namaha….

GNB Centenary celebrations

Lighting the auspicious inaugural lamp.

Sudha had the exalted privilege of being one of the eleven members in the organizing committee for the grand centenary celebrations, which was conducted by Shri. Ramabhadran, founder of SAFE (Shanti Arts Foundation & Endowment).

“On 6th January, 2010, the day of the inaugural, it was Sudha again who commenced the function with an invocation.

Shri Karan Singh, President of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, one of the Chief Guests for the occasion said, “By honouring the memory of such legends, we do not merely fulfill our responsibility, but inspire the younger generation to aspire to reach standards set by such great people”.

Emphasizing that music played an integral part in the nation’s culture, Mr. Singh said every State has been contributing to it through arts, but Tamil Nadu made a particularly important contribution. Music is one of the greatest gifts of human evolution. Despite violence and ‘all kinds of negativities’ ailing mankind, the tradition of music survived because of the flourishing guru-sishya parampara.

In an offline chat with Shri Karan Singh, before the commencement of the function, Sudha spoke to him about an occasion when both, her Guru MLV Amma and she had sung before him, which he recalled instantly. During the conversation, he mentioned to her that the raga Mohanam was one of his favorite raagas. On the spur, Sudha included the raga Mohanam in her rendition of ‘Manikya Veena’ for the invocation….a small tribute to the music lover. She also sang ‘Nee samana mevaru leranu’, the unique GNB composition.


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