Le rythme de la parole…..The rhythm of speech

Back A Persian, Indian and Malian world harmonized within an over-arching structural concept, which permits everyone to express themselves according to the rules and discipline of their own artistic tradition. As ever, the rhythm of speech has been drummed out through the fingertips and the hollow of the hand as new encounters, combinations and ways of accompanying have been explored
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Jana Gana Mana (2000)

BackJana Gana Mana (2000) Apart from film music, Sudha has also done a patriotic project with AR Rahman and co artiste Unni Krishnan, the much acclaimed ‘Jana Gana Mana’, celebrating 50 years of Indian Republic. Sudha features in the exclusive list of singers who have worked with A.R.Rahman on his magical venture of retuning the Indian National Anthem. It had
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