Season's Flavour

Sudha’s charitable side came to the forefront while she performed a benefit concert for Tanker Foundation, free of cost, as a prelude to the World Kidney Day. There was also a concert for the Swarna Venkatesa Dikshitar Memorial Trust. The Rama Navami concerts were the grand finale for Sudha’s performances during the month of March.

The tenth anniversary celebrations of Samudhaaya Foundation was on 25th March, 2010 (details in the section Samudhaaya Foundation of this website)

Music, of course, has no barriers and the first quarter of 2010 heralded a global footprint yet again for Sudha, commencing with the Cleveland Ardhana in the US on 3rd April, 2010.

Titles and awards were given to various vidwans and vidhushis in their chosen fields and some of them spoke and thanked the organisers profusely. The crowning glory of the awards – the Sangeetha Rathnakara for 2010 was conferred upon Sudha, who took a bow amidst a thunderous applause. The shawl/ponnaadai, the sparkling plaque and a gold bracelet honours were done in the most traditional manner.

Sudha went on to give her acceptance speech, beginning in Kannada, much to the surprise of the audience. She first thanked Swamiji for gracing the occasion and conveyed as to how honoured and humbled she felt, receiving this title from him. It was a spontaneous speech, straight from the heart, extempore...nothing written, nothing read out...The words just flowed. Sudha highlighted how the number ‘3’ played a vital role that day... her birth date had 3. Her Guru MLV’s had 3, the day was 3rd April, it was the 33rd Cleveland Aradhana festival, it was homage to one of the ‘Trinity’, Saint Thyagaraja and it was conducted by a ‘Trinity’... V.V. Sundaram, Toronto Venkataraman and Cleveland Balu. The audience gave a thunderous ovation when Sudha called upon all of them to come on stage.

This was followed by a concert by Sudha, in remembrance of her Grand Guru, the great Shri G.N. Balasubramaniam and her Guru Smt. MLV Amma. She sang to a packed hall….and she sure felt the spirits of her Guru and Grand Guru pervading the place in all glory…..Shri Gurubyo namaha!