Season's Flavour

The year 2010 unfolds…

The year began with a happy note with Sudha bagging the Award for the Best Senior Vocalist for the Season 2010, from the Music Academy, Chennai. She received the award from Nobel laureate Dr. Venky Ramakrishnan. January 2011 had in store for Sudha the GNB Centenary celebrations’ valedictory function where she gave a crisp concert dedicated to her Grand guru and Guru, as a true and worthy disciple of a great lineage. This grand occasion was a fitting finale to the Season, giving Sudha the respite of a few days to rest back and take stock of the Season. Introspecting, happy at the feedback and responses, she also continuously connected with her dear rasikas, thanking them for being with her all through.

On 23rd January was crisp concert for the XS Real Estate that honoured contributions of Classical musicians and gave away Awards and prize money.

The Thyagaraja Aaradhana at Tiruvaiyaru is another ritual that Sudha never misses to follow and is now at the Aaradhana.

The beautiful month of Marghazhi came to a closure with Sudha singing in about 18 concert venues spread across the city of Chennai. Battling the distances and the weather, but yet occupying the pride of place in the hearts of her rasikas, Sudha finished her Marghazhi schedule by bidding adieu to her rasikas to proceed for concerts in Singapore.

The second half of January 2010 saw Sudha at the holy land of Udupi in Karnataka, singing during the Paryaya, in obeisance to Lord Krishna. Moving across to venues in Mumbai and Delhi and all the Southern states for the various festivals, with a keen focus on the GNB Centenary in most venues, Sudha’s music touched many a heart, resulting in a pile of fan mail and acknowledgements. While the travails of travel and health besiege an artist, everything else goes into the background when the music creates an environment of peace, harmony and happiness at every venue. That is the magic of the music of any dedicated musician….and Sudha experiences this each time, every time