Her experiences with Sadhguru and Isha Foundation

Sadhguru Shri Jaggi Vasudev

“This life for me is an endeavor to help people experience and express their divinity. May you know the bliss of the Divine.” - Sadhguru

In February 2009, post a hectic Marghazhi, Sudha found solace in her trips to Isha Foundation. The ambience, the interactions with Sadguru, the camaraderie amongst fellow disciples and the absorbing of the clean mountain air, all rejuvenate her and instill in her greater strength and peace of mind.

On 12 February 2009 ,there was an impromptu informal concert session by Sudha at the Isha Yoga Center, in the sacred presence of Sadguru. Also performing was Bharatnatayam Guru Indra Rajan. Being her usual self, with music flowing straight from her heart, Sudha chose Bho Shambho as the second last piece while concluding the beautiful session. Sadhguru acknowledged, "For the love and regard that she has for us, that she has sung like this today, without any support that usually a singer of her accomplishment always has, we wish to express our gratitude to her."

Sudha has always looked up to Sadguru for advise and guidance - to face life with a smile, to overcome all the challenges that she may face in her arduous journey to spread her music across the globe, to make use of all the opportunities given by the Almighty and to lead a fulfilled life.

Apart from this, Sudha is also an active participant in many prominent festivals and interactions at the Isha Foundation.

Sudha reminisces, “In July 2007, I took time off my routine work and attended the ‘WHOLENESS’ Program of Isha Foundation at Poondy, off Coimbatore. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev himself spearheaded the events and there were about two hundred and fifty of us from different parts of India. He addressed us twice a day, enlightening us with some wonderful, amazing, practical anecdotes and tips. I felt like being born again, so pure, so sublime, so innocent, so untouched by the trials of life. My perceptions have transformed so much after the weeklong session that I would refrain from ever using the word ‘trial’ now!

The seven days were packed with activity, right from 5.30 am, to sometimes 11 pm. I smile to myself now when I recall how I struggled to climb the mountain, the Velliangiri Hills, some ten miles in about three hours.(please note-Sadhguru went up the mountain in less than an hour!)

Pranayama, Shoonya (a form of meditation), Hata Yoga and question and answer sessions were part of our daily routine. The culminating Satsang was like a tearful farewell and Sadhguru blessed all of us and wished us a great journey back in to the world – I mean the ‘real world’! “